Finding Support for Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Outside of Your Local Community

What can you do when you can’t find support for postpartum depression and anxiety in your local community?  Don’t give up.  There is support and help available.

 It is humbling for some women to realize they have postpartum depression and need help.  And it is courageous to ask for that help.  After taking those two steps, some women might be lucky enough to find face-to-face support from professionals right in or near their community.  But other women might find it quite frustrating to realize there is a lack of support in their local community.  In some areas, it can be challenging to find a therapist who fully understands postpartum depression and other related disorders.  Likewise, many women will be unable to find a support group.  However, there are many blogs, a Twitter chat group, and telephone conferences that can be beneficial.


Many women have created blogs about their experience with and recovery from postpartum depression.  In fact, there are so many blogs on this topic, I couldn’t possibly list them all here.  Here are just a few blogs I have found helpful:

Beyond Postpartum

Make Mommy Go Something Something

Mama’s Comfort Camp

Not Just About Wee

Farewell Stranger

Read these blogs.  You won’t feel so alone.

 #PPDChat on Twitter

It was hard for me to figure Twitter out at first.  I simply didn’t understand the point of tweeting or retweeting.  However, I created a Twitter account to help promote my blog and also so I could join the PPD Chat group Lauren Hale has created.  PPDChat takes place on Mondays at 1:o0pm EST and 8:30pm EST.  Topics vary and the conversation is always informative, supportive and/or inspiring.  It is a pretty cool concept and it provides immediate interaction with others.  To learn how to participate, visit Lauren’s blog:

My Postpartum Voice – ppdchat guidelines

Postpartum Support International Chat with an Expert

One of the hardest parts about having postpartum depression, anxiety and the mysterious postpartum OCD was that doctors, therapists, the ER’s crisis counselor, and my midwife didn’t fully understand my condition, especially the intrusive thoughts that accompanied the postpartum OCD.  (There will be more information about postpartum OCD in the next post.)  I suppose these local professionals were just as terrified and confused as I was because of their lack of experience and education.  Their overreactions and misdiagnoses were additional challenges I needed to overcome in my recovery.  I so wish I had known about the free service Postpartum Support International provides when I was really struggling, but I did participate in a teleconference when I finally learned about them.  I had an opportunity to discuss my challenges with a professional in the field and it was informative, comforting and great to talk to someone who knew so much about the many aspects of a perinatal mood disorder.  While these teleconferences should not replace face-to-face therapy, they are a wonderful compliment to a treatment plan.  Every Wednesday they hold a teleconference with an expert in the field of maternal mental health.  To learn more about the teleconferences, follow this link.

PSI Chat with an Expert

Please don’t feel discouraged by the lack of support for perinatal mood disorders in your local community.  And if you already have strong supports locally, these supports will provide additional help.  Check out a tele/virtual support today!

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1 Response to Finding Support for Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Outside of Your Local Community

  1. Hi Ana – What a well written description of your postpartum experiences. Thank you for sharing and thank you for that graphic description of the over-reaction at the ER. take care, Kathy

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