Dancing On the Edge of Sanity – a book about postpartum anxiety and OCD – available NOW!

I’ve been waiting for many months to able to write the following sentence: Dancing On the Edge of Sanity, a memoir about my encounter with and recovery from postpartum depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, is currently available for purchase. It can be purchased online from both Amazon and CreateSpace. Follow the links below.



Writing this story has been a journey for me.  It has been cathartic, rewarding, defeating, confusing and in the end, one of my proudest achievements.  For two plus years I have been recalling details, rereading journals and medical records, and drafting my thoughts.  I have revised and edited, removed and rewritten certain phrases, and scrutinized every word – all 89,922 of them!  Most recently, I have delved into the world of marketing, only to realize that this is truly a foreign land to me.  Nonetheless, I proudly announce the publication of Dancing On the Edge of Sanity, and while I cannot promise you a pleasant escape in this memoir, I can promise you truth, hope, and resilience.

More Information About the Book


Jean Watson Driscoll, an expert in the field of maternal mental health, writes that Dancing On the Edge of Sanity is a “poignant narrative.”  Another expert in this field, Karen Kleiman, writes that this memoir “brings attention to this important issue.”


The story begins as I describe the fear and panic I felt when experiencing intrusive thoughts. Read that part right now – Dancing on the Edge.  I then go back in time nine days to my labor in Interesting Sensations. Some reviewers have called this chapter hilarious. (Find more reviews under Advance Praise.)  I describe the onset of my anxiety and intrusive thoughts in Welcome Home, Mama and Scary Thoughts.  Kirkus Review noted that the most compelling parts of the story take place in  Lockup.  After reading this final excerpt, you’ll see that I wasn’t in a great place at that point.  But my situation improved; you’ll just need to buy the book to understand the whole story!




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    Congratulations!!! What a fantastic Mother’s Day!!!

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    En outre, la meilleure partie à aller pour ce service particulier est le
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