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Dancing On the Edge of Sanity

Dancing On the Edge of Sanity

Ana Clare Rouds, author of the gripping memoir Dancing on the Edge of Sanity, shares her painfully honest journey through the dark labyrinth of postpartum depression and anxiety. Readers will find a friend in Rouds as they explore this engaging tale of early motherhood, maternal mental health, and recovery.

Rouds has wonderful friends, a supportive family, and a healthy newborn boy.  However, soon after the birth of her son, Rouds begins to experience severe anxiety and intrusive thoughts. These rarely discussed symptoms of postpartum mood and anxiety disorders lead her to seek help at her local hospital’s emergency room, where her symptoms are grossly misunderstood.

Told with Rouds’ trademark warmth and humor, the story explores the complexities of early motherhood while also revealing the lack of understanding about, and resources for, the variety of postpartum mood disorders that exist. Through the help of family, treatment, and her resilient tenacious character, Rouds is able to bring herself back from the edge of sanity by ultimately learning to trust in her instincts as a mother.

Dancing on the Edge of Sanity is a must read for new moms and anyone who has experienced, or who knows someone who has experienced, the crushing effects of postpartum depression, anxiety or a related illness. As knowledge about this condition increases, it is important to realize that not all postpartum mood disorders are alike. Rouds’ authentic memoir is an important contribution towards understanding this vital area of women’s health.

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