Advance Praise

What are readers saying about Dancing On the Edge of Sanity?

This book made me laugh, cry and feel every emotion in between. When Ana gives birth to John, she starts to feel very anxious and is not sleeping. When she starts to get images of bad things happening to her son, she ends up going to the ED. Ana just wants to sleep, but she ends up in a mental institution instead. She does not belong there and that does get acknowledged, but not until she has been there 24 hours. Ana goes home and with the support of her husband and other family members is able to get help and makes a recovery. I don’t want to say I enjoyed the story because it is sad, but it was a well written book told with honesty and humor.” -Marisa (

“Ana’s story was so interesting to read. I think that postpartum was (and still kind of is) a taboo topic which harmed all women who were preparing for such a big chance as welcoming a child. Pregnancy and birth can be so wonderful and scary, even when things go as planned. Poor Ana felt and thought things that many new mothers and pregnant women felt/thought. It must be horrible to have too many opinions thrown at a new mother and still being unsure of what PPD is! I am glad that Ana came out on top and that she is sharing her story so that others may have comfort in knowing that this is not a taboo subject.” – Ashley (

 “Ana’s story spoke straight to my heart…I’m so happy to hear when moms take a turn for the better. Hormones, lack of sleep and breastfeeding are major issues for a new mom. Unfortunately, it really wasn’t a pleasant and healthy time for many of us. I will recommend this book to other moms/doctors and therapists I know. Just for the pure fact that Ana talks about some of the new terms regarding ppd. Like the OCD category: first I had heard of it.” – Nickole (

“Once I began reading the book, I didn’t put it down. I had to know what happened to her and I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning reading. Including time for a nap, I finished it within 12 hours…It is difficult to attract readers to a story about depression because most want a pleasant escape and not a book which might bring them down. I did cry in some situations, but I also caught myself chuckling at the hilarity surrounding the birth of Rouds’ baby and most enjoyed her description of sounds and positions during labor…The author deals with her life-altering situations with humor and a quick jab of acerbic wit and it shines through in her writing.

Containing excerpts from her private diary, Rouds narrative is very introspective and personifies her fragility during a personally confusing time. The author did a great job with flow, structure and transitions. The book reads like a personal story told to me over a cup of coffee which has gone cold because I can’t take my attention away from the story to take a drink. I was scared for her, angry for her and disgusted at the people who misunderstood postpartum depression and how to help or care for a person suffering from it.

Rouds’ heart-wrenching ordeal was a page turner for me and I feel she brought the events through to a conclusion and hope it brought the author to closure too.” – Chantel (

“Thanks to the author for her honest memoir. We need women to not be afraid and talk to people after having a baby so they can get the help they need.” – Kathy (

“I can’t even imagine going through what the author went through after having her baby, my heart hurt for her while reading this book… I feel the author did a very god job of describing this misunderstood condition and really giving insight into how much anguish and helplessness she felt.” – Amy (

 “I liked the honesty in this book.” Kylene (

“I’m really glad that the author included the section at the end explaining more about postpartum OCD or postpartum anxiety. I had never heard of a distinction between that and postpartum depression. I wish that section was even longer. If she hasn’t already, I would love to see the author write some articles on that section weaving in her personal story…I felt like the author was very honest here, and I appreciate that she shared this painful information. I am sure it will help others.” – Tori (

“There are many women who can benefit from reading this story and knowing that they are not crazy and are not alone.  Rouds has a talent for crafting a story. Even more than that, she is so brave to bear her soul so completely to the reader. She starts the story being physically naked, but that is minor compared to the naked emotions she later conveys.” – Katie

“I started reading the story and could not stop.  It’s awesome, and I think people need to know what PPD really looks like.” – Hannah

“It is a good story to share that all mothers, even those who didn’t have PPD, will be able to relate to.” – Kim

“I couldn’t stop reading it.  There were times when tears were running down my face with sadness and empathy, and then there were times when the writing had me laughing.” – Karen

“Rouds’ ability to weave together humor and emotion is amazing. She does such a great job of tackling a difficult subject with both comedy and poignancy.” – Kate

“Rouds is quick to note that each woman’s approach to healing from this condition is different, yet she describes the factors that helped assist in her own recovery, in hopes that they might be useful examples for her readers. She also encourages women who recognize that something is wrong early on to seek help immediately.  Her thesis is clear, carefully articulated, and beautifully developed.” – A.M.

“Rouds’ narrative tone is intimate and conversational, inviting the reader into her psyche as she details her struggle to cope with anxious, intrusive thoughts as the mother of a newborn son. Her consistent willingness to expose her own experience so honestly, writing in the voice of a caring, empathetic ally to readers who may be seeking just such a resource, allows the audience to trust Rouds as a narrator.” – A.M.

“Reading it makes me amused by the wry humor and those descriptions that so entertainingly portray certain incidents. Most of all I am in awe of the writer.  Her writing causes me, the reader, to experience events viscerally right along with her.  She transports the reader into the world of her experience of anxiety, confusion, terror, and finally, peace and joy.” – Susan

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