Christina E. Newhill’s Endorsement

Dancing on the Edge of Sanity is a captivating, beautifully written memoir detailing the author’s experience with postpartum depression and anxiety and her journey toward recovery. Although the incidence and prevalence of PPD and PPA is significant, many people – including health and mental health care professionals – are woefully unaware and uninformed about these conditions, affecting the ability of those suffering from the conditions from getting appropriate help. Ana discusses in poignant detail her struggle to find help and her experiences in the emergency room and, later, in the psychiatric hospital illustrate the challenges faced in getting help. As a former psychiatric emergency room social worker, I can attest to the fact that Ana’s experiences are all too common. I strongly endorse this book and think every health and mental health care professional working with women of child-bearing age and their families should read it. Not only is this book informative and well-researched, but it will also increase the reader’s empathy with those coping with postpartum depression and anxiety.”

-Christina E. Newhill, Ph.D., LCSW, Professor and Doctoral Program Director, School of Social Work, University of Pittsburgh

Purchase Dancing On the Edge of Sanity today through Amazon or CreateSpace

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