Deidre Purcell’s Endorsement

“I decided early in my training that I wanted to work with pregnancy and postpartum mental health, and reading the story of Ana’s experience has cemented my feeling that the field needs more people who are willing to commit to addressing those needs.  As a mental health clinician, my journey with Ana through her postpartum experience was filled with disappointment at how poorly her needs were addressed by the health and mental health practitioners she encountered.  Ana’s story raises awareness about realities of the postpartum experience that are not widely discussed or understood, and does so through the story of a strong, capable, self-aware woman who has to fight not only her own anxiety but a system that fails her repeatedly.  I hope that this memoir will help other health and mental health practitioners realize how important it is for all of us to learn how we can better help those who are struggling with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. I would recommend this book to mental health providers as a learning tool, but I believe any reader would find this vivid and emotional story to be a compelling read.”

– Deidre Purcell, M.A. Counseling Psychology

Purchase Dancing On the Edge of Sanity today through Amazon or CreateSpace

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